Most of the people do not prefer vegetables to meat and only cook it when meat is finished or cannot be brought to home. Whereas, vegetables cooked with meat gets much tasty than the simple meat dish, like, spinach, carrot, potato, capsicum and other vegetables. Most of the people love to eat meat but science says that the fatty dishes are not healthy for a health and researches show us the harmful effects of these dishes every day. However, we do not change our lifestyle and eating habits.

We are not kids anymore but still we consider meat and dishes made from it very healthy. Very few of us eat vegetables in the form of a dish or a salad. Some of us like cucumber some eat onions but everyone should know that if they will eat uncooked vegetables, then this will balances the meat and make it to be able to digest easily without any trouble.

Vegetables are the protectors of a heart

A vegetable stand against the cholesterol (LDL), protects the heart, and saves it from different harmful effects. Those countries where vegetables are used in high amount, there, the rate of death is very low. Japanese people are vegetarian that is why they look healthier. Vegetables decrease the proteins around the heart and fats from the blood and other useless proteins. These vegetables contain those fibers, which gets mix in the blood, controls cholesterol, and balances its level in the body.
Vegetables control weight

Vegetables control weight of a person. It is a perfect plan for getting slim. For decreasing obesity, you should leave meat and eat vegetables. Use them cooked in steam, or uncooked in the form of salads are effective in this problem.

Body needs meat:

It is accepted that vegetables does not provide all the sufficient needs to the body. However, it is also true that by eating vegetables, there will be no appetite for meat. You should not become a vegetarian but you should balance your eating habits.

It is better to cook more than one vegetable as it fulfills all the needs of the body. Dairy products are milk made food should be used with vegetables. We need food so that it provides us the fuel and it helps in the growth of the body and health.

If vegetables are cooked with less protein items like potato, and cereals like rice, then it provides carbohydrates and fats to the body. Parents should provide milk made items and vegetables to their children and motivates them to eat. This is their balanced diet and helps them in the growth of their body.
Harmful food combinations

Do not eat citric food with milk.
- Don’t take honey after eating fish.
- Don’t eat hot bread with yogurt.
- You should eat cucumber before lunch or dinner.
- Don’t put honey on watermelon.
- Don’t take yogurt after eating egg.